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If you provide top-quality products or services for children, then you are a candidate to Sponsor Whootie Owl

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Why does Whootie Owl set an advertising standard?
Sponsors enter into a visual partnership with Whootie Owl's site because their banners share Whootie Owl's pages. This web site is designed with a clear purpose: To foster in children the highest possible emotional and intellectual understanding of themselves and the world around them. A sponsor should share this goal.

What else is necessary to meet Whootie Owl's advertising standard?
The advertiser's product or service should aspire to the highest quality possible within the given field. A goal of top quality should be specified in the company's mission statement.

What makes this site special?
A presence on "Absolutely Whootie: Stories to Grow By" connects your company with the highest possible online experience available for children today. See awards page.

Where are the banners located?
At the top of the page. This location ensures the highest possible viewership "above the scroll line." There is also an opportunity to place a banner advertisement at a reduced rate at the bottom of the home page - see below for particulars.

What is the site traffic?
Nearly 1.5M hits/month. That's over 150,000 page views/month. Our viewers are primarily adults interested in the highest possible quality of materials for children.

What is the cost?
Sponsorships are available on a weekly or on a monthly basis. Below your banner will run these words: "Support this sponsor of Whootie Owl's web site". Following is the cost chart for the pages available for sponsorship:

  /week /month
Home page (top)
Home page (bottom)
"Free Teaching Materials" page $150.00 $500.00
"Free Play Scripts" page $150.00 $500.00

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of Whootie Owl, let us know. You can e-mail Whootie Owl Productions at, or call Elaine Lindy toll-free at 1-877-WHOOTIE.

Banner Advertisements Specifications

Size. The preferred size for a banner advertisement is 400 x 40 pixels. If your banner size different from these dimensions, let us know and we'll see what we can do.

File size. GIF's must be 10K or less in file size.

Profanity/Inappropriate graphics. This is a site for and about children, so Whootie Owl Productions retains the right to reject any advertising using profanity, lewd suggestion, or other inappropriate material.

To discuss advertising on "Absolutely Whootie: Stories to Grow By" contact Elaine Lindy of Whootie Owl Productions by clicking the following e-mail address:

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