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Disney EduStation: Teacher Tested Sites & Ideas
Recommended Site -- January, 2000

Disney has selected within the category "Values and Literature" two sites on the world wide web to recommend to teachers: One is William Bennet's "Adventures From the Book of Virtues: Storytime" and the other is our very own Whootie Owl's Stories to Grow By.

MacWorld Magazine
November, 2000

"Stories to Grow By ( is an online library of charming short stories for children, gathered from countries around the world. Although you won't find the latest Harry Potter adventures here, the stories are all nondenominational and beautifully illustrated with children's drawings. You can browse through the collection or search for stories by type, theme, or age level. To make sure that your kids don't stay up past their bedtime, the listings include an estimate of how long each story will take to read."

Christian Science Monitor
May 2, 2000

"Looking for web sites with educational value, or where children can play games this summer?...Try A medley of fairy tales from around the world add exotic flavor before the sandman comes.
Approved Site -- December, 1999

"Join Whootie the Owl for a big collection of folk and fairy tales from around the world, plus games and coloring pages, too."

Teacher Features
Site of the Week -- November 14, 1999

"Oh, how I love reading, especially a good folk or fairy tale! Absolutely Whootie, where have you been all my life? What a special site for eveyone, young or old, to enjoy. Whootie is an owl that will take you through the castle into the world of fairy tales and folk tales. Stories are free to read as you wish and are illustrated by children. Your students or children can even offer an illustration or two to enhance a story. There are sections just for kids, teachers and parents with many story categories to choose from. You can even buy some of the stories on cassette if you would like them for a reading center or what-not. Absolutely Whootie is an inviting and enchanting site that you and your students won't want to miss."

Education World
November 1999


"Whootie Owl and his companion, Elaine Lindy, have compiled a delightful collection of nondenominational multicultural folktales that teach specific values. The end of each story includes a set of questions for readers to respond to and submit to the site. The questions prompt readers to think about the deeper messages within the story. New stories are added each month, and users are encouraged to submit appropriate illustrations. The story collection can be browsed or searched by story type or theme. The site also offers games for kids to play, links to other sites, and a lesson plan online."

The Skewl Site: The Best of Educational Excellence
September 1999


"ABSOLUTELY WHOOTIE: STORIES TO GROW BY is an excellent source of online stories for children aged 6-12. A number of features set this delightful website apart from other sites offering stories online.

First, stories are grouped into several categories. You can choose a book based on the type of story. For example, you can choose a fairy tale, an animal tale, a story about magical creatures, etc. There is sure to be a story type each child will enjoy. Additionally, you can choose a story based on the values it portrays.

Parents and teachers looking to use a story to illustrate a particular value can choose from many categories. There are stories that depict cooperation, courage, friendship, and many more positive character traits. "Whootie Owl hunts for stories that are warm, funny, exciting, upbeat, and not in the least bit boring or preachy! The stories show kids that hold-ing positive values is a good thing to do, and also that people all over the world share many of the same concerns." As well, you can choose a story from a particular country. Currently, there are about two dozen countries around the world represented. If you are studying China, for example, you can choose a story that takes place in China to enhance your theme. The stories may demonstrate positive values, but are they interesting? Here's where another unique feature of Whootie Owl's storiescomes into play. "Kid-Testing is what sets apart Absolutely Whootie: Stories to Grow By from other story collections. The stories you'll find on this website are comprised entirely of stories that passed Kid-Testing with flying colors!" This means that all stories that are considered for publication at the site are read aloud to kids. Stories that are not well received are discarded. Yet another nice feature is the feedback kids can give. "At the end of each story, Whootie Owl asks kids what they think the story was trying to show them. Kids answer online and they can click to see what other kids had to say, too. No other storytelling website has this interactive feature!

We were impressed with the stories and think you will be too. Each story has a suggested age group for its target audience. Each story also has one or more illustrations. Younger children will enjoy hearing the stories, while older kids can read and enjoy them independently."

Highlights for Children
Teachernet Site of the Week

August 16, 1999

"A friend to kids and grownups! Whootie Owl presents top-notch fairytales (cool for kids) that promote positive values (cool for grown-ups). The stories are completely nondenominational (cool for anyone!). The owl has symbolized wisdom in folk tales and fairytales throughout the ages. Whootie Owl will be your friendly guide throughout this web site."

"Middle Ground"
The Magazine of Middle Level Education
October 1999


"Whootie Owl Productions has launced a new Web site to help students develop good writing skills. The group also sponsors a fairytale scriptwriting contest for seventh- and eighth-graders. Students and teachers at Day Middle School in Newton, Massachusetts, will review submissions and select one script as the winner or combine elements of several scripts. All entrants will receive recognition as contributing writers on the final script, which Whootie Owl will publish online early next year. The deadline for submissions is November 30. Whootie Owl also features a wide selection of fairytales and folk tales, which are connected to values and copyrighted for classroom use. For more information, call 877-WHOOTIE, or visit the Web site at"

- January 19, 1999

"Fairy tales! Folk tales! Children's stories! Free! Courtesy of Whootie Owl's Stories to Grow By. Get entertained with adventures and riddles, or learn such values as cooperation and kindness. At Whootie's: Cooperation, kindness and great adventures."

Berit's Best Sites for Children


"Whootie Owl presents folk tales from around the world. Stories are brief and are illustrated with children's art. Following each tale, there is a set of questions that reasders can answer and view other kids' responses. Age level is also indicated on each story. Visit Whootie's Playhouse for a fairy tale coloring book and word games."
October 1998


"Don't wait until bedtime to drift into the fantastic dream world of castles, kings and bizarre creatures. There is a story waiting for you right now, courtesy of Whootie Owl, at With tales from all over the world (and for kids of all ages), Whootie's got lots of stories you've surely never heard before. Meeet the fish-girl of Spain, or the French prince with an enormous nose. Check out the great animal stories, too, from the fairy tale files of Africa and Norway. It isn't a dream. Storytime is anytime you want it to be."

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