License the Friendly Face of Whootie Owl
A uniquely kid-friendly character.  Representing the best we give kids.

Whootie Owl gives..

    cool stories!
    positive, upbeat
    a kid-friendly

Why license Whootie Owl?  The character uniquely represents top-notch stories (cool for kids)
that deliver themes of positive behaviors (cool for adults). The owl has symbolized wisdom in fairytales
and folk tales throughout the ages. Adorable Whootie Owl is the healthy mascot for today's kids.

Did you know:

About the creator and owner of Whootie Owl   The image and character of Whootie Owl
was created and is owned by Elaine L. Lindy, president of Whootie Owl International, an 8-year-old
company based in Newton, Massachusetts.  More

         - Articles written by Elaine L. Lindy
         - National reading conferences featuring Elaine L. Lindy

Contact information:
           call toll-free:   1-877-WHOOTIE (946-6843)
           by mail:   Licensing Department
                             Whootie Owl International
                             PO Box 600344
                             Newton, Massachusetts 02460

Articles by Elaine L. Lindy:

The Power of Storytelling"
   --March 2000, The National Parenting Center
"Using Fairy Tales to Debate Ethics"
   --November 2000, Education World

"Folktales of Cooperation for Your K-3 Class"
   --April 2000, Education World, April 2000

"Secrets from Sales to Boost Your Parenting Skills"
   --May 2000, The National Parenting Center

"The Ethics of Birthday Party Invitations"
   --May 2000, The National Parenting Center,

"Three Ways to Make Values Last at Your School"
   --October 2000, Education World

   --Spring 2000, Character, published by the Boston University Center for the Advancement
of Ethics and Character

"Lasting Values"
   --May 2000, published by Values in Action

National Reading Conferences:

Connecticut Reading Association - 2003; 2004

Keystone State Reading Association Conference (PA) - 2004

Massachusetts Title 1 Conference - 2003; 2004; 2005

Massachusetts Reading Association Conference - 2005

Michigan Reading Association Conference - 2004

New Jersey Educational Association Conference - 2005

New York State Reading Association Conference - 2004

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